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The pandemic of the new crown virus has changed everything, and managers in the football circle are now having a terrible headache.


Among these football management rules, one aspect of common concern for clubs and players is the contract issue, and transfer is another issue that "suddenly" arises due to the epidemic. These key issues need FIFA to come


In terms of contracts, what people are most worried about is-if the season is extended beyond June due to the epidemic, can the players' contracts be extended accordingly?


In normal times, June 30 is an ordinary and convenient contract end date. After July, players can register with the new team; but now due to the possible extension of the season,

通常情况下,6月30日是普通且方便的合同终止日期。 7月之后,玩家可以在新团队中注册;但由于季节可能会延长,

In theory, this situation means that they may not be able to participate in the rest of the season after the restart. According to ESPN’s report, the "


One solution that has been proposed is to extend the validity of all players' contracts until the end of the season after the restart. However, this approach involves all players in similar situations. Taking into account the basic personal situation of each player, it is difficult to guarantee that each player will reach an agreement with the team on the issue of contract extension.




Jonas Bell Hoffman, secretary general of the International Federation of Professional Football Players (FIFPro), which represents more than 65,000 professional players, said that it is more reasonable to use "common sense" to solve the problem on this issue than "one size fits all." He believes that although the players are likely to agree to such a plan to extend the contract, but legally speaking, everyone can exercise their autonomy according to their actual situation. In other words, if they do not want to extend the contract and choose to leave directly, they can too.

代表65,000多名职业球员的国际职业足球运动员联合会(FIFPro)秘书长乔纳斯·贝尔·霍夫曼(Jonas Bell Hoffman)表示,使用“常识”解决该问题的方法比“一种合适的方法”更为合理。所有。”他认为,尽管参与者可能会同意这种延长合同的计划,但是从法律上来讲,每个人都可以根据自己的实际情况行使自主权。换句话说,如果他们不想延长合同并选择直接离开,他们也可以。

The key point of the problem is,


Let's talk about this issue with the example of Manchester United's loan player Ighalo. Recently, Zhou Jun, general manager of Shenhua Club, said that Ighalo should return to the team after the loan period ends. But the problem is that Ighalo’s loan contract expired on May 31, but he himself wants to finish the season at Manchester United. At present, before the expiration of the original loan contract, the probability that Ighalo can finish the 2019-20 Premier League season is almost zero.


If before May 31st, FIFA issued relevant mandatory regulations that uniformly extend player contracts until the end of the season, and the player who dreamed of playing for Manchester United from an early age would voluntarily finish the season, Shenhua would not be able to demand Iha. Luo came back. As the timing of the end of the Premier League season is full of uncertainty, this situation will undoubtedly affect some of Shenhua's subsequent season preparations.


In the same way, if FIFA does not come up with a mandatory plan before May 31, Igalo may be recalled by Shenhua, and he will also


In addition to trying to advance the plan to extend the player's contract, FIFA is also considering how to deal with the issue of player registration dates and national transfer windows.


FIFA’s position is,


If the various leagues of this season will eventually last until August and September, by postponing the corresponding player registration period and transfer window period, the consistency of the team's season lineup can be more or less ensured, thereby making the league complete Higher sex. obviously,


If FIFA, the International Federation of Professional Players, players and other stakeholders can agree on a strategy to extend the contract period to the end of the season, delaying the transfer registration time is a logical follow-up. However, this is not so simple, and it will involve many specific details.


For example, many clubs finalized player transfer agreements that took effect on July 1. If the transfer cannot be completed according to the contract for some reason, the original transfer agreement may be legally invalid. then,


Hakim Ziyeh is a good example. According to the original plan, the Ajax winger will formally join Chelsea on July 1. They both signed a five-year contract. At this time, it is not clear what will happen if transfer registration may be delayed.

哈基姆·兹耶(Hakim Ziyeh)是一个很好的例子。根据最初的计划,阿贾克斯边锋将在7月1日正式加入切尔西。他们俩都签署了一份为期五年的合同。目前,尚不清楚如果转移登记可能被延迟,将会发生什么。

In addition, there are some uncertainties on the issue of transfer fees. For many clubs known for cultivating young players, transfer fees are an indispensable way of cash injection every year. If the transfer does not happen on the scheduled date, what will happen to the payment date? What kind of ripple effect will this have on the club’s economics?


It remains to be seen what new issues will occur in terms of transfers and player contracts, but FIFA, the global governing body of football, is already working hard with all stakeholders in this potentially dangerous legal minefield. solution.


Before finally making its own decision, FIFA must figure out all these intricacies. Otherwise, it is possible to open a Pandora's box about legal proceedings. As Bell Hoffman said, "As long as everyone has a little common sense and cooperation, these problems can be solved." However, is the so-called "common sense" of different stakeholders a false proposition?


In any case, I hope Pandora's box will not open.


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